Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Big Fat Geek Louisville Idea

I know I've been awfully quiet lately.  But the past couple of weeks' bronchitis became this weekend's pneumonia.  So I have been crashed out for a couple of days.  When I was diagnosed, my first thought was, "Huh, I thought pneumonia would be so much worse!"  And around a half hour later, back at Casa Lou, I put my butt in our recliner (which is named "Fat Grandmaw"-- yes, I name everything), and I basically stayed here (yes, here, I'm cuddled on Fat Grandmaw as I type) for two and a half days.  Today I went to the Meatspace Workplace, and then came straight home to Fat Grandmaw.

But Louisville slows down for no one's pneumonia.  And here's something great that's going on.  Because I'm still blechy, and a wee bit blotto on painkillers, I'm gonna be a bit loose and liberal with the rundown.

The "Create Louisville: Your Big Idea" project was launched last month to collect Big Ideas for moving the city forward.  The Ideas were collected on a website, a joint effort of the Greater Louisville Project, the 2009 Bingham Fellows--DRIVE initiative, and WFPL 89.3.  The author of the Big Idea that wins the most votes will get the chance to pitch the idea to the next Louisville mayor.

To see the ideas and vote, go to

From the press release: 

People throughout the region have been submitting nominations since Oct. 6, focusing on the three key areas The Greater Louisville Project has identified as crucial for Louisville’s success:  improving education attainment, growing 21st Century jobs, and enhancing Quality of Place. 

"We wanted to stimulate fresh thinking and broader citizen engagement, and we’ve gotten both” said Carolyn Gatz, director of The Greater Louisville Project.  “Now, voting for the best Big Idea is an opportunity for more people to add their voices and to let the new Mayor know what’s most important to them.”
The opportunity to vote will remain open at through November

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