Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jazz Fest Girl Goes HullabaLOU-ing

Hey, before you scroll down to the bottom of this post, hit "comment," and start making like a troll about how unfair it is for me to compare the iconic New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival to the brand new HullabaLOU Festival-- STOP!  Take a breath.  That's not where I'm going with this.  Yeesh.

Sure, both festivals are hosted by Churchill properties, but they're run by different production companies.  And yes, looking out over the festival build from the 6th floor media room at Churchill, it's easy to see that HullabaLOU has taken some of their layout inspiration from Jazz Fest (but not much).

I'm just saying, I'm a Jazz Fest girl.  When you live in New Orleans for any significant amount of time, you quickly find yourself identifying with one of two groups:  either you're a Mardi Gras person or a Jazz Fest person.  (side note:  I'd like to believe that Louisville is slowly drawing a similar divide between Derby people and IdeaFestival people).  And I'm a Jazz Fest girl-- Jazz Fest in New Orleans was my favorite time of the year; I'd gladly trade Christmas, New Years, and my birthday for just one weekend of Jazz Fest.

And if you've been reading this blog for any significant amount of time, you'll also know that I'm an avid Bonnaroo-er, who is very, very sad to have missed this year's Roo.

So I love me some outdoor music festivals.  And regardless that I am still a bit up in the air about some  HullabaLOU details (the line-up, the fixed seating for the main stage...), I'm genuinely psyched for the three-day fest.

Today I got my actual media pass, and I plan on attending all three days of the festival.  I'll do a little reporting from the fest itself (the media center has kick-ass wireless), and I'll do a little reporting after the fact.  But if you're really interested in real-time Lou from HullabaLOU, you're best off following me on Twitter ( @loueyville).

Can't make it to the Fest?  Will following me and reading my reports not be enough for you?  Note that the HullabaLOU website will be simulcasting (is that the right word, or am I still thinking racing?) some of the performances.  The website lists all the acts that will be simulcast, but my suggestions for not-to-miss web shows include:

Saturday, 550p-- Ben Sollee
Sunday, 415p-- The Black Crowes
Sunday, 630p-- Avett Brothers
(most of Friday's simulcast is TBA)

And if I'm not enough blog action for you (don't worry, I won't feel bad), the folks at and are sure to do a great job covering the event as well.

Remember kids, I am just one Lou.  One Lou who is going to rock out this weekend.


janelle said...

the price is a little
(okay, A LOT)
steep for me,
there's some really great acts coming, too,
so enjoy it for the both of us.

M said...

Will do, Janelle. Tickets are out of my league this year too, so I am super grateful to have gotten a media pass. Here's hoping this year's event is such a success that they'll do it again next year and realize that the event would have been even MORE successful if ticket prices had been more in line with... well, the status of people's pocketbooks.