Friday, July 16, 2010

$6 to Visit Indiana: What's Worth It?

Today the Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority released a report suggesting a $3 toll-- each way-- on the Ohio River bridges.

I don't really get my politics on in this blog.  So, I don't want to talk about what you think about the proposed tolls (although I hope your answer is [a] bad idea [b] really bad idea or [c] worst idea ever).

What I want to talk about is-- what in Southern Indiana would be worth paying an extra six bucks for?

I've been very forthright since I moved here that I am practically allergic to crossing the bridges into Southern Indiana.  Sure, I have a mild bridge phobia, but it does deeper than that.  It's... it's just a "thing."

And it's NOT an "Indiana" thing-- don't get all "You're a Louisville snob" on me.  When I lived in New Orleans, I knew empirically that the nearest Home Depot/Target/etc was across the bridge on the West Bank, but I persisted in traveling an extra 10 minutes or so to the stores in Metairie (an equally hideous suburb) for the entire nine years I lived there.

Roommate & I cross the river every month or so to visit his family in Columbus, Indiana.  I once crossed the river to go to a rocking holiday party in New Albany.  I'll still make those kinds of trips, of course.

But what else is worth the extra $6 that a bridge crossing may end up costing you?  Comment below,  email me at lou [at], or tweet me @loueyville, and if I get enough responses, I'll post a list.

I'll start you off:  I think I'd be okay with paying $6 for an occasional seasonal Huber's visit.  Likely in the fall.  For pumpkins and apples.


Bill said...

Holiday World is one of the best reasons to visit Indiana ever!

John said...

The Falls of the Ohio State Park is pretty awesome. Rocky's is very near there, and is usually a good meal experience. But the Falls of the Ohio is a definite win.

M said...

It's with shame that I admit I've never been to Falls or to Holiday World (well, not so much Holiday World-- not a big fan of Amusement Parks-- but I know lots of people who are). Actually, John thanks for reminding me that I promised myself to get to the Falls this summer. Keep those suggestions coming! Happy Friday!! -- Lou

Ceece said...

River City Winery, Bank Street Brewhouse, Sportstime Pizza, the awesome studio of Courtney Paris Photography and Louisville Boudoir (shameless plug), La Rositas, Culbertson Mansion (and those are just things in New Albany)

The New Albanian said...

I think it's possible to object to a $6 toll on the basis of its demerits, and there are many, without raising the question you did and reviving old stereotypes. I've been busting my ass for 20 years to get people to cross the bridge and see what we have to offer.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I get the stereotype response. She asked for tangible reasons to cross the bridge, and that helps your cause. Every town with a city nearby (or state for that matter... NY vs NJ) has this debate. I don't know what stereotype Lou introduced. I've just now read of places of which I'd not heard before... you might want to thank Lou. When it costs $6 to cross and return, these places all need to yell a little louder 'we're here.'

M said...

Gosh, New Albanian,

I'm sorry you thought I engaged in stereotypes. The only stereotype I think I *might* have engaged in is stereotyping myself as someone so city-centered I view the 'burbs as "too far away." Because I resist going anywhere on the other side of 264, too. As I said, this isn't about Indiana. I did the same thing when I lived in Louisiana and what was on the other side of THAT bridge was MORE Louisiana.

Hopefully in the next day or so, I'll finish compiling my list of things that ARE worth a $6 toll. Got lots of great suggestions.

Remember: I ASKED "What's worth it?" I didn't say: "Nothing's worth it." The people of S. Indiana will have to ask themselves "What's worth it in Louisville?" if those tolls are placed.