Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas in July: Sleigh Bells @ Zanzabar

I just bummed myself out a little bit.  For the most part, I've been a-okay with the fact that my pockets just weren't deep enough this year to help myself to a little Forecastle Festival this weekend.  Based on Twitter traffic, it seems like people are having a pretty great time.  But I'm working on catching up with all the blog posts collected by my Google Reader while I was on vacation, and I just sifted through all of Backseat Sandbar's Forecastle coverage... and now I'm kind of sad I didn't go.  Good job, BS guys.  And I hope all of you who are festing on this last day are remembering to hydrate.  It's gonna be another scorcher.

I'll treat my Forecastle envy later this week with another Wednesday night show at Zanzabar: Sleigh Bells.  Sleigh Bells are an electronic duo from Brooklyn who seem to have a really BIG sound for such a small venue.  I'll be honest-- I don't really know Sleigh Bells from a hole in the wall, but a friend whose taste I trust recently Facebooked that their new album, "Treats" was his favorite album of the year.  I had a really great time at Zanzabar's Charlie Mars show last month, and Roommate went to a nice show there last week (the singer's name escapes me now).  So, we'll give it a go.

It's Wednesday, July 14th.  8pm doors, 9pm show with Po Po and Nerve City opening.  The show is $10.  See you there?

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