Friday, July 23, 2010

HullabaLOU Preview: Colbie Caillat today at 715p

I don't know anything about Colbie Caillat, but tonight I'll go see her show at HullabaLOU.  One of my favorite things about music festivals is having the chance to find new music.  Check out this music video for "I Never Told You."  It's directed by my friend, Roman White, who's also directed award-winning videos by Carrie Underwood (including that awesome one where she takes a Louisville Slugger to her boyfriend's car) and Taylor Swift (remember the whole Kanye-Beyonce-TS-meltdown on the VMA's? Yeah, that was Roman's video).

And remember, HullabaLOU-ers, with a heat index nearing 110 today, it's even more important to HYDRATE!  See you at the Fest!

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