Monday, April 12, 2010

Some Contests Need No Prize: Name Our Giraffe

Sure, the Louisville Zoo is offering a prize package worth $810 to the creative force that comes up with the best name for our new-ish baby giraffe.  But seriously, isn't knowing that you NAMED a GIRAFFE prize enough?  

Enter as many times as you like here.  But make sure you get them in by April 25.

And, huh, interesting.... I was kind of wondering why one of the prizes was $500 in Frontier Airline credit when we don't HAVE Frontier Airlines flying out of Louisville.  Well, it turns out, we WILL.  One week from today.  Starting on April 19, Frontier will be flying direct to Denver once a day, and from Denver we'll be able to hook up with their pretty cheap western destinations service.   More info here.  

Good stuff, y'all!

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