Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bats Home Opener: Tomorrow!

For a woman who earnestly professes to "not really like sports," I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that Bats season starts tomorrow.  I am truly a-twitter about it.  One might even call me "batty."

Ugh.  I had to go there.  I tried not to.  But I had to. 

The boys are playing at home for a week straight-- Indiana, Columbus, and Toledo (you've gotta kinda love a team called "The Mudhens.")  The weather promises to be great.  It's all just a gigantic, sunny, summery, Americana-y WIN.

Why do I love Bats Baseball so much?  There are so many reasons. But the #1 reason I love Bats baseball is that I always come away from a Bats game feeling like I totally scored a great bargain.  I always come away thinking, "I would have paid double for my tickets and spent at least a buck or so more on my beers and still felt good about the evening."  There is just about nothing left in the world that makes you feel like you UNDERPAID for a great night out.

Don't get any ideas, Bats!

PLAY BALL!  (I love those two words)

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