Thursday, April 29, 2010

Derby Eve Eve Morning Randomness

Happy National Poem in Your Pocket Day!  Today I'm carrying Edna St. Vincent Millay's "Love is not all."  However, if I weren't at work, I would be carrying "Bluebird" by Charles Bukowski-- my favorite hard-drinking, horseracing-loving poet.  (Believe me, I'm not blind to all of his many flaws.  But the man could write a poem.)  What poem is in your pocket?

Seriously?  We lost the Steamboat Race yesterday?  I thought this thing was rigged.  Damn Cincinnati.  It's bad enough they have Trader Joe's and IKEA.  Now they have the silver antlers?  That being said, I just got back from around 24 hours in Cincy, and as always left proud in the fact that we > Cincy in almost every way.  The Cincinnati Metro area is kind of an armpit, isn't it?  

Speaking of Trader Joe's-- which is indeed, one of the happiest places on earth-- I think the popular theory that we won't get a Trader Joe's til we change our wine sales laws has been debunked.  I went to a TJ's in Warwick, RI last month.  No wine sales!!  So we need to get off our tushes and start campaigning, kids.  I dropped $100 at TJ's yesterday (and only 1/3 of that in wine, thankyouverymuch).  I would very much like to not have to drive all the way to the crazy suburbia of another city to get my asparagus risotto fix please.  

Maybe the best Fairdale Bigfoot column so far.  I am just crazy about the fact that we have such an erudite cryptid among us.

Speaking of things that don't exist, did you know that the Creation Museum celebrated its one millionth visitor recently?  Did you know that Mama actually created this blog in anticipation of visiting the Museum on its opening day?  Here's my blogful of snark.  

Happy Oaks Eve or Derby Eve Eve!  If it rains, all bets are off on whether I will make it to Derby.  Was it three years ago or two that Oaks was a total washout?  I was soaked through to my skivvies.  Not doing that again.  Not when there are perfectly awesome parties to attend.

Still, though, keeping my fingers crossed for sun.

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