Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Garden & Gun Made in the South-- ENTER!

My love for the magazine Garden & Gun is pretty well-established on this blog, so I'll save you the sales pitch ("Yes, it really is my favorite magazine. No, it's not just about gardens and guns."). But if you have yet to check it out, flip through a copy at your local bookstore-- if the photography alone doesn't hook you...

Last year's Garden & Gun "Made in the South" awards featured a Louisville furniture-maker named Jason Cohen. The magazine is accepting entries for the 2012 "Made in the South" awards through August 1st.

According to their website, eligible entries are: "any Southern artisan or business with a product that will be available through January 2013. Products must be made in the South and fall under one of the following categories: food, outdoors, style & design, or home."

Information on how to apply can be found here. Let's keep the creative Louisville torch burning!

What local businesses and artisans would you like to see featured in Garden & Gun? Leave suggestions in the comments below. Maybe collectively, we could give them all a little nudge!

Here is the 2012 "Made in the South" spread.

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Tara said...

Peace of the Earth -- all-natural soaps & bath products

Gelato Gilberto -- artisan-made Italian-style ice cream

Hmmm... will think of more!