Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Forge Presents: Artists are Startups

This event sounds so fantastic. I have this friend who is a pretty talented writer but doesn't have a lick of business sense in that crazy creative noggin of hers. I'm totally dragging my friend to this event. My friend could really use a good talking to about how writing can be a business and how my friend should think of her talent as a product that should be paid for. My friend is going to get so much out of this event. And it looks like Falls City is a sponsor, and that's her favorite beer, so maybe that will help convince my friend to go.


I have friends.

I have friends who are writers and have no business sense and love Falls City Beer.

Lots of them.

I'm not talking about me here. Not everything is about me.

Forge presents "Artists are Startups" featuring Ashley Capps, founder of Bonnaroo, with music by Alanna Fugate and art by Sloan Showalter, Leia Facewalker, and Shawn Khily. Thursday July 12 at the Butchertown Pub Studios from 530p-730p.

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