Monday, July 30, 2012

A Green BEAN Discount for YOU!

I've subscribed to a small veg & fruit box from Green BEAN Delivery ever since they offered up a Groupon a while back. What I love about Grean BEAN Delivery is that you're allowed to customize your box. I am an adventurous eater, but I'm not a really adventurous cook. I wouldn't know what to do with 2 large acorn squashes, frankly (although I'd eat 'em if you made 'em for me).

But Green BEAn has turned me on to certain things. I've been a lifelong lover of Brussel sprouts, but Mama Lou always made the frozen kind. I had no idea what I was missing in fresh Brussel sprouts! It's like a whole different vegetable. Amazing!

Customer service has also been great. A few weeks back I got cabbage instead of the squash I'd ordered. I tweeted about it, and they automatically credited me for a couple bucks. And the cabbage turned out to be delish.

Did I mention, this fabulous bin gets delivered right to your door? You don't have to go pick it up. You don't have to be home. It's always well-packed and my bins have weathered hours out in this summer heat with nary a problem.

So I'm super excited to be able to offer y'all a discount if you're a NEW SUBSCRIBER (and sorry, it is for new subscribers only... I can't use it either!).  You can receive $15 off your first order (so that means you could get a gigantic small fruit & veg bin for just $20) by entering 15LOUEYml as a promo code.

This is an honest endorsement. Yes, Green BEAN emailed to ask if I'd like to offer a discount on the blog, but otherwise this is just me saying "Yay, I love this service!"

This coupon code is good for only ONE WEEK. So get on it quick!!

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