Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love Louisville: "It's that simple"

I am glad that the Voice-Tribune exists for those of you who dig that sort of stuff, but 95% of the time, I feel like I am decidedly not its target audience. The party photos. The "best-dressed" contests. The fashion shoots featuring pocketbooks that cost as much as my mortgage. The tours of homes whose "great rooms" would accommodate by tiny little shotgun house. Those article make me cringe a little... conspicuous consumption and all that. 

But one thing that I really do like about the Voice-Tribune is, despite all of its "not-my-Louisville" niche coverage, the paper's managing editor, Angie Fenton, seems like a heck of a person. 

Exhibit A: This article in which Fenton speaks very personally about her heartache over the wave of violence in Louisville's West End and the connection she has with two teenaged boys who live there.

Powerful stuff. Go read it. Now. I'll wait.

See? Right. Powerful stuff.

This weekend there's going to be a street-fair-ish-type event called LOVE LOUISVILLE: BEECHER TERRACE at Baxter Park on Jefferson between 10th & 11th. Here's what Fenton's article says about it:

... Come and show love on Saturday, June 16 from noon until 3 p.m. You’re invited. The rain date is June 30, but we’re hoping that doesn’t happen to a grassroots, unsponsored event now called Love Louisville: Beecher Terrace that will occur noon to 3 p.m. and includes free food, music by DJ Z-Nyce, Sonny Fenwick’s Bubble Truck, a cotton candy machine, Santa Claus (aka Walt Queen), Dare to Care, Brightside, Baxter Station, The Brewery, Wick’s Pizza, a crew from Henryville Community Church that wants to give back the love they received when in need and so many others. All we need – all we want – are people to show up and care.

Seems like a reasonable request: Show up and care. We can do that, Louisville.

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