Friday, June 29, 2012

Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau 2012-13 Marketing Highlights

You know what is pretty much the best thing in the world to a blogger? Going to a city-wide function, sitting down next to a random stranger, telling him you're a blogger, and having him say, "I read My Loueyville every morning! You're Melissa!"

Best. Feeling. Ever. (Hi Ron!!)

Today I attended the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau's 2012-2013 Marketing Plan roll-out shin-dig. I'm pretty easy to pump up (especially when it involves anything Louisville), but I have to say both our mayor and the LCVB President, Jim Wood, got me pretty damned pumped for stuff that's been going on and WILL go on in the city.

One of the things I really loved was how many times Jim Wood brought up the importance of writers and bloggers in his speech. Not just because I'm a blogger, and I'm currently on the job market looking for the perfect writing gig, but because it's nice to hear creative folks get the credit that they're due. Twice, Wood brought up the IdeaFestival blogger meet-up that Michelle Jones and I were involved in last year.

Mayor Fischer highlighted some of the great things on our horizons here in Louisville...

The opening of the Big 4 Pedestrian Bridge, which should (?) be in early 2013 (and which, Fischer predicted, would be THE place to propose in Louisville).

The Michter's and Heaven Hill distilleries opening downtown next summer (think about it... two brand new "adult" tourist attractions opening right in time for summer travel season) will really establish us as "the Gateway to Bourbon Country."

The continued expansion of the Urban Bourbon Trail.

The 2014 100th Anniversary of the Belle Of Louisville, which will be marked, in part, buy a huge steamboat meet-up on the Ohio (that means lots of steamboats and a lot of steamboat nerds-- they exist!).

The expanded outdoorsy opportunities thanks to the 21century Parks Program and the growing Louisville Loop.

So exciting!

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