Friday, June 15, 2012

Blood at the Bard: Louisville Public Media Blood Drive

I've only given blood twice, but it's not for lack of trying. I remember once, more than a decade ago, I was having a particularly bad time of things. My marriage was falling apart and things were getting super-ugly. I had just moved from a big, beautiful house into a one-room apartment. I missed my dogs; I felt very alone and really crummy about myself. And there was a blood-drive at work, so I showed up and they turned me away because I weighed less than 110 (that was a long time ago, kids). When the nice lady took one look at me and apologized for turning me away, I burst into tears. She gave me a hug and some orange juice and a cookie.

That's one thing I've learned from going to and being turned away from a number of blood drives-- people who work at blood drives are wicked nice.  I've been turned away for vacationing in Belize, for getting a tattoo (you have to wait a year), for too recently having chemo. Here are some more reasons you could be turned away

This time, though, I THINK I'm good. I certainly weigh enough. It's been more than a decade since I got my last tattoo. The kicker is that I went to Mexico last summer, and some areas of Mexico have had malaria outbreaks. Fingers crossed that they'll let that slide. Regardless, this Louisville Public Media Blood Drive at the Bard's Town sounds like a good time. 

Here's the info from their press release:

Where else can you eat & drink, meet your favorite public radio people, listen to live music, and save lives? Join us for Louisville Public Media's annual blood drive—this year with music and special guests! On hand to entertain you will be:

12pm: Kitty Slickers (
1pm: Jon Beazlie
2pm: WFPL's Erin Keane
3pm: WUOL's Alan Brandt
4pm: WFPK's Marion Dries

Grean BEAN delivery will donate 10lbs of fresh produce to Kentucky Harvest for each pint of blood donated at this drive! They'll also be on hand with fresh fruit for blood donors.

Even if you can't give blood, stop by, grab a bite, enjoy the show, and say hi to your friends at WFPL, WFPK & WUOL!

In the time it took you to read this paragraph, 3-4 people needed blood transfusions in the U.S. Donating one pint of blood takes about 20 minutes, and can save three people's lives. Join us for a fun day & make a big difference!

(Questions? Contact Laura Ellis at or 502-814-6536.)

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