Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PSA: Code Red

As someone who has lived through a number of major natural disasters and has always bemoaned how difficult it was to get information, I thought I would pass along this press release from the mayor's office in its entirety: 

Louisville has a new system  Code Red  to keep citizens updated during emergencies. The system uses a variety of methods — text alerts, emails and phone calls — to warn citizens about potentially life-threatening events, including severe weather. The new service is free – but you must sign up to receive the alerts  To sign up for Code Red alerts, visit www.louisvilleky.gov and fill out the form. Citizens may choose which types of alerts and which delivery methods they wish to receive. Citizens who do not have access to computers or the Internet may visit public libraries to sign up for Code Red. Citizens who cannot visit the library can call MetroCall 311 and have a city employee enter their information into the system. MetroCall will be helping citizens sign up for Code Red every weekday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Do yourself a favor and sign up now-- before you wish you had. You can always unsubscribe if the city gets too pesky or nosy.  But the next time we have a hurricane or an ice storm or a wind storm or a flood, I'm betting you'll be glad you signed up. 

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