Monday, November 14, 2011

Land of Tomorrow: Music & Art Intersect

Andrea Stanislov's Diamond Dog

The Land of Tomorrow (LOT) gallery in Louisville is a new-ish gallery space for experimental art. They have a sister facility in Lexington.  As Michelle said on Consuming Louisville, the first time I heard of this gallery was during Idea Festival.  I still haven't been, but I am really looking forward to seeing the Expanded Music Project, which opens on November 18th with a reception at 7pm. The Expanded Music Project will showcase work that illustrates the connection between art and music. From their press release: 

Included in this exhibition will be work by Heather Cantrell, Aurora Childs, Saiman Chow, Geneva Jacuzzi, Leslie Lyons, AndrĂ©a Stanislav, as well as Raurouw, Thieves Like Us, Peaking Lights with artist Letitia Quesenberry, musician EMA with artist Jacob Heustis, and Hirsuta design firm.  

The premise of this show is to highlight the fluidity between creative forms and artistic practices.  The influence of album art, video production, stage design, graffiti and the appropriation tactics of remixing have established an ongoing conversation between artists and musicians.  This dialogue between visual artist and musician continues to play a major role, and creative forces as diverse as Elvis, The Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, and Afrika Bambaataa have delved into the realms of the visual and the auditory to produce work that both fields accept and champion.

I'm perhaps most excited to see this installation, seeing that the disco ball and Louisville are so connected (I'm sure all of you fantastic Louisvillagers know that 90% of all disco balls are made right here-- right down the street from my house-- at Omega National Products). And, hello, Bee Gees reference? Swoon! 
The Hirsuta design firm will present a re-examination of the form and context of the Disco Ball in “Variations on the Disco Ball or, the Bee Gees Have Left the Building.”
Admission is free to the exhibit and to the reception.  

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