Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Callooh! Callay! Trader Joe's is Open!

Huzzah! The Louisville Trader Joe's is open!!

I'm not saying that I ever took a trip to Cincy just to go to Trader Joe's, but I never took a trip to Cincy without bringing my cooler.  I'm a big, huge, stinking fan of the place. If you're a single person, TJ's is a godsend.  Lots of ready-to-eat frozen stuff that is portioned for or can be easily portioned for one.  A couple of years ago, I introduced Mama Lou to the Trader Joe's in Warwick, RI-- she lives around 45 minutes away. And now she makes the drive whenever she can to stock up.

But I've managed to stay away. Nothing can turn me off of a place as fast as a nasty crowd. But my resolve is wearing thin, and I'm thinking I'll have to hit up TJ's within the next couple of days.  Here is what is always on my shopping list:

  1. Two-buck Chuck in all of its permutations. I usually come home with at least six bottles.
  2. Frozen pork potstickers. So quick and easy, and yummier than most of the local restaurants' potstickers.
  3. Potsticker sauce
  4. Lots and lots of cheese-- this is where I've noted the best price point for TJ's. Their cheese is often WAY cheaper than our local groceries. And I loves me some cheese.
  5. Proscuitto. 
  6. That lovely proscuitto and mozzarella cheese log thing... it's always at least $2 cheaper at TJ's than local groceries.
  7. Asparagus risotto and mushroom risotto (frozen). It's supposed to be a side dish, but I usually make a meal of it.
  8. TJ brand cheese crackers. Like Cheez-its, only better and healthier (or so I would like to think).
  9. High cacao-content chocolate bars. You know I don't like sweets, but 60% or above cacao-content chocolate bars are great stomach settlers when you're feeling crummy.
  10. TJ brand salad dressings... always interesting and cheaper than name-brand.
What else should I put on my shopping list, dear readers? Fresh flowers, for sure. I don't need veggies because I subscribe to Green B.E.A.N Kentucky. Leave me a comment below if you have a suggestion. Or tweet me at @loueyville.  Help me make a great shopping list for my inaugural trip to the new Louisville Trader Joe's!


fossilgrrl said...

I second those pot stickers (yum!) ...I used to live in Cincy before moving to Louisville and for the past three years have been making the trip with a cooler in the trunk too...

Other suggestions:

The Korma and the Thai Curry cooking sauces are great. They make for a great meal with the hodgepodge of vegetables I get with my farmshare and inevitably need to use up in big batches sometimes.

I also get the frozen tamales, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and dried fruit. Haven't made it over to the new location yet (dreading the crowds) but am super excited!

Anonymous said...

I mostly stop into Trader Joe's only for the free samples, but I love their cheddar with caramelized onions. And the French truffles in the trapezoidal box asymptomatically remind me of a mind-blowing chocolate I had in Bern.