Monday, September 19, 2011

Louisville Film Fest Giveaway! Party on, Dudes!

I'm super excited to announce that thanks to the fine folks at the Louisville Film Festival, I have two passes to the October event to give away to my faithful readers and Twitter followers.

Here's how to win:

Hop on the Tweetybox and tweet me AND @LouFilmFest the name of a film that was integral to your youth that you're worried the youth of 2011 will not be exposed to.

I'll choose a winner at random on September 28. Only one entry per Tweety person.

As a high school teacher, I know that kids these days are still watching the good ol' John Hughes staples. And no self-respecting parent is letting their children hit puberty without sitting them down and making them watch the Star Wars trilogy (the good one).

But I do worry that Keanu Reeves' entire oeuvre has made parents forget just how terrific he was back in 1989.

So my answer would read: @loueyville, I worry that kids these days aren't getting enough Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventures. @LouFilmFest

Because my students think I've lost it when I pronounce the philosopher's name "So-Crates."

Update: So far we've had nominations of:

  • @loueyville, I worry that kids are missing "Meatballs." Shouldn't they learn early that "it just doesn't matter!" if they win? @LouFilmFest -- from @eekshecried
  • @loueyville I worry that kids won't know about Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Such a flawless expression of the simple joys of youth @LouFilmFest-- from @lesil
  • @loueyville, I worry that kids these days aren't getting enough of "the sound of music." @LouFilmFest-- from @freeyourheart
  • @loueyville @LouFilmFest The movie from my youth that I think todays youth will not be exposed to is "This Is Spinal Tap"-- from kycubsfan
  • Today's youth need to know about Rain Man (R). @LouFilmFest @Loueyville from @zepfanman
  • @loueyville @LouFilmFest No laughing: I'm afraid today's youth won't be properly exposed to Star Wars. The new stuff just isn't the same. :/ -- from @erin_mcmahon
  •  I wonder if anyone under 40 has or will ever see "Out of Africa." Not funny, but neither is life sometimes. :)  from @MsPaulaBurba
  •  I worry that kids are missing "Major Payne". Tough love, is the best love. No tears, no excuses.  from @KdeLost
  • I'm worried kids today won't know what a Truffle Shuffle is or where "Hey you guyyyyyys" is from    from @EvanWinkle
  •  , I worry that kids won't see Blade Runner. So many great things about that movie. 

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havers said...

Very cool offer. I wish I would be close to Louisville to watch Mother's House with Kathryn Erbe and Tim Guinee on a big screen in a cinema.