Wednesday, September 28, 2011

House Concert: Dayna Kurtz & Danny Flanigan

This weekend, Tara Anderson (sometimes local NPR host, freelance writer, and local Moth producer) and Alex Wright (doctor and singer/songwriter) will be hosting NYC singer/songwriter Dayna Kurtz for a second house concert.

Roommate and I were lucky enough to catch the Anderson-Wright's first house concert for Dayna, and it was a fantastic night. Great food, great conversations, fabulous music.  This time around, they're adding Danny Flanigan to the mix.  And if we're lucky, maybe Tara and Alex will join one or both of them.

The concert is at 7pm on Saturday, October 1 in Norton Commons.  It's $15 a person (cocktails and munchies included), with all proceeds going to the artists.  I think the cap is at 40 people, and the concert was more than half full last time I heard.  How often do you get to hear a nationally-touring NYC artist in someone's living room?

Hope to see you there!

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