Sunday, March 20, 2011

Go Cards! STILL in the Tourney!

Well, my brackets are busted.  How 'bout yours?

But before you hang up your tournament-watching hat after U of L's first round (I mean "second" round) loss, let's not forget that we DO still have a dog in this fight.

Going to U of L's women's basketball games this year has been a good live sports fix for me while I wait for Bats season to begin again (SOON!).  The tickets are seven bucks, it's possible to get a reasonably priced beer there (you have to hunt), and the women have not disappointed.

U of L's women take on Xavier on Tuesday at 710p in Cincinnati.  The game will be broadcast on ESPN2.  It's going to be a challenge; Xavier is a 2nd seed and have a killer 29-2 record for the season (we're a 7 seed and 21-12).  But we won some really powerful games this season, and when the women are on, they're on.

So GO CARDS! C-A-R-D-S!! (yeah, I hate that too... I just figured, why not?)

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