Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring in the Air...

.... or at least there was during the past couple 60 degree days. Even Windpocalypse 2009 was a nice warm day. Sigh, no more.

But the most beautiful sign of impending Spring? Backseat Sandbar blogged today about the first Waterfront Wednesday featuring Kenyan band Extra Golden. Sure, it's not til April, but seeing Backseat Sandbar's post in my Google Reader puts me in a tippy-top mood for starting the weekend. (Of course, that's about to be squashed a bit after a couple hours of sitting in the chemo chair... blech!)

Weekend plans: That Shipwrecked thing at Actor's and my FIRST meal at Jack Fry's. (I know... it's crazy I haven't been there! Do shame, Lou.) Working on the humble abode. And then work work.

But now I have a Waterfront Wednesday to look forward to!

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Anonymous said...

And the Bats step up to bat April 9. Spring is less than two months away, weather be damned! (And yes, weather, I am damning you! You can't scare me try though you have.)