Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mapother Breaks into Prison in the nick of time.

Wow... that's a lame-ola headline. Sorry.

Loyal readers may remember that Mama has an itty bitty local crush on Loueyville's own William Mapother (Lost's Ethan, star of Actor's fantastic Glengarry Glen Ross, cousin of Tom "That's why we put plastic on the couch" Cruise, and-- we hope-- founding investor of the Market corridor's future year 'round farmer's market).

Anyhoo, according to his fan blog-- yes, he has a fan blog-- Mapother will be appearing on the last two episodes of Prison Break in its 4th and final season. So, you know, check your local listings.

I don't watch Prison Break, and I'm unlikely to tune in to the last two episodes of a show that's going off the air... but Lou can't help but think that maybe if she gives Mapother enough local love he'll take her to some swanky Derby party or something.

BTW: Mama has had two opportunities to meet said Mapother, both of which she's blown. (1) Lou went to Glengary Glen Ross twice. The first time she went on her birthday in the company of an older friend who, upon seeing WM on the street after the show, shouted out to him that it was Lou's birthday and could he "come here and talk to her." She swore she could "get away with such brazenness" because she was an "old lady." But when he turned around, Lou dragged her friend behind a pillar and begged her to shut up. (2) WM spoke to a small group of students at her school. Lou was promised an introduction, but on the day that the engagement happened, Lou was too chemo-sick to go.

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