Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taking Credit Whether It Is Due Or Not

Why not, eh?

So... remember my little rant in the form of an Open Letter to Local Business Owners? The one in which Lou praised the Old Louisville Holiday Home Tour folks for putting fliers in all of the Res-Inn rooms and putting their poster in an acrylic stand on the front desk? The one in which Lou wrote:

But Local Owners, you gotta put yourselves out there a little more. Us Loueyvillagers don’t want to see you croak. We don’t like driving by the Spaghetti Warehouse (or whatever it’s called) and seeing it full to bursting, while 301 Bistro across the street has empty tables.

Well, lookee what Mama has here in her little hotel room... a little acrylic stand with a card advertising Bistro 301, and its new hotel delivery service...

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