Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Running for the Dore

Rut roh.

(That shuffling noise you hear is Mama dancing around, maybe backtracking, maybe dancing with something akin to glee... float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, and all that.)

Looks like has finally caught the eye of Ms. Tracee Dore, Design Star alum. And when her comments on my July post first came through via email this afternoon, I thought that she was responding genuinely... thanking me for commenting on her exquisite taste (which I did). And I did a big ol' happy dance. But now that I go back and look at the posts... I'm thinking maybe she is a little less than happy with Lou.

Note that the last time I mentioned her was in my 1/21 post.

(If there is good news to be had in this corridor, FYI, it's in retail not
in food... Scout's new home store is beautiful and right next to the brand new
flower shop boutique... Red Tree seems to be doing well... Joseph Ley's...
always-our-favorite-Design-Star-baddie Tracee Dore's store. No retail stores
have closed in the past year or so, to the best of my knowledge.)

Favorite. Favorite? That counts for something, right?


Mama doesn't like conflict. Mama hopes that Ms. Dore isn't unhappy with what she read.

That being said, I will cowboy up and see if I can't get some scoop on Ms. Dore and what she's been up to. I have joked privately that if Ms. Dore wanted to kick some of her bad-ass rep to the curb, she could always go all Ty Pennington on some deserving, sweet, breast cancer survivor, teacher, Katrina survivor whose house was destroyed during Hurricane Ike... (uh, that would be me.)

Clearly, Ms. Dore isn't a regular reader of She does, after all, refer to Lou as "Mr. Loueyville."

Amusingly enough, two or three months ago, I ran Loueyville through the GenderAnalyzer, an engine which purports to be able to tell you the gender of any blogger and back then it was 78% sure that Lou was a guy. Now it says that it's 61% sure that Lou is a woman. Distaste for "Wicked" aside, I guess I'm getting more girly. (LouReads shows 67% likely to be a woman... I guess it's my devotion to Mary Russell)

Anyway, I'm flattered she took the time to comment. I will indeed try to get some scoop. And I hope that she gets the fact that every Reality Show needs a bad-ass, and she was definitively cast as that bad-ass in Design Star.

But she does, my friends, have exquisite taste.


Anonymous said...

Check out Louisville at Home show on the WB Louisville WBKI, this coming tuesday at 5:30 pm and get the real Design Star scoop!

M said...

Excellent! Thanks for the heads up. If I don't get home in time, will the show be available online?