Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Quills-- A little birdie told me mid-January

This past weekend, I bumped into one of my favorite baristas (os?) from the late, great Quills Coffee and Books, and he said we could look forward to seeing the new Quills open at the location on Bardstown next to Flanagan's sometime in Mid-January. This is hugely welcome news.

(Hopefully my Ike-crushed house will "re-open" around the same time!... sigh, probably not)

I told my Quills friend that, while I've been seeing a few other coffee shops since July, I'd been unable to forge a meaningful relationship with any of them.

And truly, before I got sick, I did have a very meaningful relationship with Quills; I went there at least four or five times a week. Quills was indeed my "second home" for a year or so, and I have missed it terribly-- especially since I've been displaced from my "first home," too.

Which meant that when I started reading posts like this and this about my favorite coffeeshop's "Christian underpinnings," this godless heathen was aghast. Yes, Mama can be a bit oblivious to her surroundings at times, but aside from the occasional Bible-reader or even the occasional Bible-study group that I saw there, I had never noticed any blatant religiosity about the place or about the wonderful people who worked there.

I'm looking forward to having them back.

... on another note, my already irregular blogging may get more irregular for the next week or so. Surgery tomorrow, hopefully with a much better rebound time than the last one. But if I'm down for longer than I expect, happy holidays and much love!


Michelle said...

I check in with the owner of Quills periodically and I've stopped posting updates because unfortunately their re-opening date keeps getting pushed. However I'm confident they will be open in January 2009! And I too am looking very forward to it.

yournamehere said...

Good luck with the surgery.

Anonymous said...

Roommate here... Lou did good. She wanted coffee ten minutes out of surgery, before her throat was even allowed coffee the rest of her demanded it. I think three hours and she had some iced coffee. She'll be back soon.