Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good Riddance, 2008!

Lou and Roommate dragged ass on their New Years' plans after their southern friends bailed on coming up to the Ville. As a result, we missed a chance at Avalon's yummy-sounding, and extremely reasonably priced, $75 pp dinner seating at 930p. So, we'll be kissing 08 behind at Bearno's by the Bridge with Butch Rice and an open bar. (Mama needs to remember to pace herself...)

Mama's keeping it simple this year with resolutions like:

... develop a skin care regimen appropriate for the 30-mumble-mumble year old that you are. No more of this scrub your face with $3 soap shit.

... write more. Both on Loueyville and in "the real world."

... take some classes. In what? Dunno. Just classes. I have 12 months to figure that one out.

... talk to more strangers. Seriously. If some crazy lady starts a meaningless conversation with you at Heine Brothers or Molly's this year, it very well may be Lou.

I wish you all heaps of comfort and joy in 2009. No matter how good your 2008 was (mine blew), I hope your 2009 is even better.

Off to tart myself up for Irish New Years' at Flanagan's.

Kisses, y'all.

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