Friday, December 26, 2008

CW: All Cissy All the Time

I'm assuming that since I haven't read about this in any of our local media blogs, this issue is a very localized issue. But ever since 12/23-- maybe earlier, the local CW station on my television (and all tvs in the ResInn) has been frozen on a tableaux of Cissy Spacek in bed, hovering over the prone body of some man. I IMBD-ed her and still cannot, for the life of me, figure out which movie it is.

Both Roommate and Big Mama Lou have said, whilst channel surfing, "Huh, that station was on the same scene last time I was flipping through the stations." Because of Lou's intimate relationship with the toob this past week, she was able to set them straight, pronto.

I'm not sure why this is blog-worthy. A little crazy birdie inside my head wonders: maybe so few people watch the CW that no one has actually noticed.

Anyhoo, today (well, yesterday, if we're being honest) is Cissy Spacek's birthday. She's a Christmas baby. And I hope that somehow she knows that she's gotten more face time than Hannah Montana, at least in this little corner of Loueyville, over the past few days. And that's both hard to do and rather nifty.

Thank you for the well wishes over the past week. Surgery went well, but Mama's still feeling kind of crappy. Big Mama Lou came in from the Northeast to take care of me and celebrate the holidays, and she's taken a lot of my time and attention. I should be back on the case next week.

The friends from Florida cancelled on New Year's, so's everything's changed and up in the air. Very sad. Very sad. Hope y'all will keep sending suggestions.

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