Thursday, September 27, 2007

Loueyville in Malibu

BrodyWhy Louisville?, the fun and funky HQ of the "Fan Club for the City" (of which I should be a platinum member!), reports that Adrien Brody was spotted in Malibu last week sporting one of their lovely 502-tshirts. Brody, star of the upcoming movie Darjeeling Limited (whose release I was salivating over long before Owen Wilson's meltdown) and Oscar-winner for The Pianist is probably best known for his hilarious and swoon-enducingly smooth smooching of Halle Berry upon accepting said Oscar.

He's kinda funny looking, but he can hang in my area code whenever he wants.

Shop WhyLouisville's Brody Bargain Sale where you can get the 502-fleur de lis shirt for just $10 bucks! What a bargain! The store is located at 1609 1/2 Bardstown Road.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure that I've mentioned that Mr. Brody has enjoyed a meal at the Clan Donohue Stronghold

M said...

I remember! And if Ma Donohue was doing the cooking, I'm surprised he didn't keep coming back!