Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not my Scene

Not sure how I feel about the Courier-Journal's new "Scene" section. According to today's newspaper:

Saturday's Scene always has been the place for reviews of restaurants and music. Now we've also got the best fashions, housewares and bargains.
Now sure, all big city newspapers have their Lifestyles sections, and the goods featured in the Style section of the NY Times makes the Courier-Journal's Scene look like "Miss Fannie Brown's Bargain and Swap Weekly." But still, the "deal of the day," for fashion/beauty director Christine Fellingham is a $320 tunic marked down to $75. Bargain?

The "hottest tailgaiting accessories" feature a $92 football jersey that looks like something you'd buy in Wal-Mart's maternity-wear section, layered over a $68 long-sleeved t-shirt. For the math-challenged, that's $160 worth of clothing that's going to end up smelling like stale beer from all those keg stands (which you may be able to avoid if your man is wearing the $44 Reef flip-flops with the bottle opener in the sole, pictured above) and being smeared with grease-paint from the chest-bump salutes of your fellow fans. Or rather, $160 worth of clothing if you don't wear pants, underwear, or shoes. Which, as we know, is a look that only works for Britney Spears.

I get that we're trying to build some Big City cred here in Loueyville, but must we adopt the Big City Bad with the Big City Good?


jscs said...

Yes... because your "bad" is most certainly not someone else's bad? Something marked down from a few hundred to less than a hundred is a good deal, Lou. No matter what your taste (or non-taste). Big City is diverse... that's the beauty.

M said...

Man, jscs, are you GRUMPY! Next Christmas, instead of getting you a few, thoughtfully-chosen, meaningful things, I'll just get you a pair of $44 flip-flops and call it a day. :)