Thursday, May 10, 2012

Free Orchestra Concert

It's not often you get to hear musicians from the Louisville Orchestra perform for free, so I wanted to make sure that I shared this event with you. I don't have a good anecdote or chit-chatty bit for this one. I kinda figure my Cancerversary post probably filled my chatty quota for the week, right? (Again, thank you so much for the lovely, lovely things you people have said about me and about that post. It's a cliche to say that something 'means a lot," but when I say your words 'meant a lot' to me, I really mean it. I've been thinking about some of the things y'all said for days.)

Anyhoo... What a great way to spend a Friday evening... Tomorrow at the Village Anchor (a place I've been meaning to try out) will host the Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association at 6p in a free concert. LOMA is performing for free as a thank you to the community for the support they received during their protracted battle with management this year.

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