Friday, May 18, 2012

[502]: Season 2 Announced!

Last year, Theatre [502] had its debut season-- and what a season it was! I'm still kicking myself for missing their first play, but HUNTER GATHERERS and BROADSWORD were brilliant. When I opened up an emailed press release from Theatre [502] just a minute ago and read that their season starts JUNE 1-- SO SOON!!-- I did a little happy dance in my chair.

Last season I had the privilege of interviewing two of [502]'s Co-Artistic Directors and Founders for two separate articles for The Paper-- Mike Brooks and Amy Attaway.  (Watch out, Gil Reyes, I'm coming for you soon!) Read the article on Mike for more about Theatre [502]'s inception.

Without further ado... here are the synopses for the three plays that are [502]: Season 2...

[502]: Season 2 will open June 1, 2012, with FUTURA by Jordan Harrison, directed by Attaway. A dangerous lecture on typography turns deadly in a not-so-distant future where the page has been absorbed by the Cloud and the author has lost all authority. Words quickly become action in this dystopian thriller from the author of Humana Festival premieres Kid Simple and Maple and Vine. The play will run June 1-9 in the Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

In August, the company will present GRUESOME PLAYGROUND INJURIES by Rajiv Joseph, directed by Theatre [502] Co-Artistic Director Gil D. Reyes. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on the often funny, possibly tragic, and always gripping tale of Kayleen and Doug. They’ve suffered life’s slings and arrows, its heartbreaks, its electrocutions and its blunt force traumas. Now, about to hit 40, and no more certain than ever of their place in the world, they spin the yarn of two lives that began in a schoolyard, criss-crossed through the decades, and hurt like hell the whole time. Performances will run August 3-11 in the Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

The final full-length production of the season will be THE ALIENS by Annie Baker, directed by Theatre [502] Co-Artistic Director Mike Brooks. Three geniuses on the outside looking out pass a shaky summer in a staff-only area, where their worlds change slowly under an exploding sky. Are they The Aliens? The New Humans? Or are they just like you? Bukowski meets Beckett in this unforgettable suckerpunch comedy that whispers to scream. Performances will run October 5-13 in the Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre of Louisville.

Visit for more information. Do not miss these plays... 

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