Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Louisville Music Fest Announcment Falls on (my) Deaf Ears

Today the Forecastle folks announced an all electronic line-up for its Halfway to Forecastle Fest Fest. And like yesterday's post re: the HullabaLOU line-up, my response is a resounding: "Meh."

I'm hardly a music aficionado, but I do love, love, love my yearly Bonnaroo trip. And every year I go to Bonnaroo, I lap up the offerings. I love a significant majority of the headliners; I treasure bumping into new and offbeat bands I've never heard of. I come away every year with new favorites and a greater appreciation for old favorites.

Likewise, I'm always deeply disappointed that I can't go to other festivals. I am always envious of folks who go to Coachella. Nearly every year, I lament not living in New Orleans still during the New Orleans Jazz Festival and the newer Voodoo Music Festival. I've been enthralled by the line-up for recent Lollapaloozas.

But HullabaLOU and Halfway to Forecastle? I'm sure to skip the Halfway to Forecastle and likely to skip HullabaLOU. Disappointing.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Comment removed? Did a Richard Marx fan get their feelings hurt? You make great points here. If you're going to do a new music festival in these times, you've GOT to step it up. Unless they hope to have slots in the track by then. Hm, maybe that's it. Going for the casino crowd when those slots are open.

(Not that I don't love a few of these acts, but I've seen them before and I'll see them elsewhere with a heavier line-up.)

Paul said...

Churchill is interested in the 35+ crowd, which is the demographic with the gamblers with the most money. Hence the 'greybeards with ponytails' booking.

Anonymous said...

I have no desire to attend Bonnarroo, and while there are some artists (Dave Matthews, Al Green) at Hullabalou that I'd like to see, I have no plans to attend that either. However, I do plan to go to Halfway to Forecastle. Finally someone is bringing in some electronica artists for those of us who enjoy them. Gotta give the Forecastle folks credit for that. I like all kinds of music, but at least this is something different than the same tired, played out jam bands that every other hip, trendy festival rehashes every year. My god, if I have to hear MMJ, Phish or Widespread Panic one more time I might puke.