Friday, June 22, 2007

Lou's Center of the Universe

According to Google Maps, there are seven coffee shops within one mile of my house: Highland (at which 90% of Loueyville has been written), 2 Heinies, Starbucks, Days, Atomic Saucer, and White Linen Tea Company (Does that count?).

There are 28 bars within one mile of my house. Fifteen of which are within a half a mile. And frankly, I don’t think twice about walking to the Hideaway or Big Dave’s, and they’re more than a mile away, so truly that puts the number of bars within walking distance at 39.

I can walk to Baxter Theater and Valu-Mart (.4 miles) both Cherokee and Tyler Parks (both under .5 miles). And although locals give us funny looks when we tell them this, Roommate and I have been known to walk all the way to the Waterfront on occasion (a whopping 2.5 miles!).

All of this is just to say that in one week I will be celebrating One Year in Loueyville. I came to the city for a job interview, decided to take the job, and bought the second house I saw on my second visit to the city. Credit is due to Roommate who discovered the Original Highlands neighborhood and declared it “as close to New Orleans as you’ll find in Loueyville.” (We’ll not get into the relative New Orleans-i-ness of this city, but I will say that on the night we moved in we made our way down to Baxter Ave and found Abita Turbo Dog on the beer menu at both O’Sheas and the Outlook—not to mention the Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras posters on the walls of the latter—and just felt good.)

One Year in Loueyville has been good to me, due in no small part to the fact that I live, without a doubt, in the Center of Universe. Who could have known when I plunked down every last penny (you think I joke, but, alas…) for the down-payment for my humble abode (and got royally screwed by my mortgage broker—some wounds never heal) that I had made such a good choice? Score one for Lou.

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