Thursday, June 21, 2007

Loueyville SE: Bonnaroo 2007- Sunday Line-Up

Don Byron featuring Chris Thomas King: See Best Of

Roommate loved it. I thought it was just… loud.

Charlie Louvin: See Best Of

Elvis Perkins in Dearland: The Bonnaroo guide made it sound like Perkins’ music would make you want to jump off a tall cliff, but I found the set joyful and fun. The band looks like a bunch of B-grade 70’s porn stars, except for the drummer who, mid-set, strapped on a bass drum and pranced around the stage like Puck. I’ll definitely look to pick up a CD soon.

Miss Lolly Pop’s Burlesque Coterie and Sideshow Bennie Experience: I’ve never seen women strip to pasties and be so wholly unsexy. Not even on in a cheap Bourbon Street club where the low lights barely hide the women’s stretch marks and C-section scars. The one exception was Miss Monica Honeybush, who’d clearly done her homework for her old-fashioned formal-wear gloves to skivvies strip tease. She got her tassels twirling like ceiling fans on high. Sideshow Bennie was a bit more entertaining, shoving screwdrivers up his nose and swinging four (!!!!) irons from his nipple rings.

Wilco: See Best Of

White Stripes: Couldn’t see them for the crowd. The audience would have been much better served had the White Stripes appeared on the big stage with the video screens (aren’t they a visual act, too, in the end?). Great music, but I pouted for hours because they didn’t play the “Doorbell” song. Damn them.

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