Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ohio Valley Wrestling: the most fun you can have on a Wednesday for $5

Did you see Chad Deity? Jamin Olivencia was part of the cast. 
Ohio Valley Wrestling is probably the most fun you can have for five bucks on a Wednesday night.

I'm a fan of anything that could be considered "spectacle." But I wouldn't have thought that could extend to wrestling if it hadn't been for Actors Theatre's production of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity last season. That play, which is easily the best play I've seen in Louisville– perhaps even anywhere, humanized the sport and reminded us how much of an "art" it really is.

The thing with wrestling is that you really need to go with a guide. I'm sure after a couple of consecutive visits, you'd pick up on the mythology, but if you go and don't have someone to fill you in on the soap opera, I think it wouldn't be anywhere near as fun.

I was lucky enough to tag along with Louisville actress Leah Roberts, who has been a bunch of times and who knows some of the OV wrestlers. Without her Cliff's Notes version of the rivalries and stereotypes, I would have floundered.

While I could now provide the Cliff's Notes of the Cliff's Notes for a companion, I'm still way fuzzy on the details.

The super duper good guy seems to be a veteran with a prosthetic leg (who is actually a veteran with a prosthetic leg– that's not his character). He's just partnered with a long-haired Mohamed Ali, who is Middle Eastern/Latino and

There's a bad guy named Paradise who is a flamboyant gay character (but in real life is a straight guy named Billy).

There's a syndicate of militia-types called "The Coalition" who, despite their flag-waving, hawkish, U-S-A personas are still the bad syndicate.

From the website:
Thanks for visiting the online home of Ohio Valley Wrestling, the official developmental territory for TNA Impact Wrestling! This is a place where the newest rookies of pro wrestling, other top talent from across the country, and future TNA Superstars come to "learn the ropes" of the squared circle before heading to the world stage! You can have a chance to see the stars before they're stars!

OVW Owner Danny Davis has had a hand in the training of Mr. Anderson, Matt Morgan, TNA Knock Outs ODB, Tara and Mickie James, CM Punk, John Cena, and Randy Orton just to name a few! Danny Davis is also well known as a former professional wrestler himself having wrestled as "The Nightmare" in USWA and NWA. He was also once a manager for Jerry "The King" Lawler.

OVW is excited that the stars training here have an opportunity to be featured on OVW TV and live events, making this the only full-time training facility in the country also providing weekly broadcast TV.

Admission is $5– bring cash; there's a $1 surcharge for card payments. And the concessions offerings are similar to a movie theater, but way, way cheaper. I had a perfectly serviceable cheese hot dog and a can of Diet Coke for $3. Popcorn is just $1.

Shows are at Davis Arena: 4400 Shepherdsville Road. Doors at 630pm and start at 7pm. The arena is deep in the heart of a warehouse/office complex. So have sharp eyes and follow the signs.

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