Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Aquatic on the Waterfront

THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX may very well be in my top five very favorite movies. I've only seen it the once in the movie theatre, but I can still hear the soft tones of George Clooney's gentle Mr. Fox voice, and I laughed so hard I nearly tinkled myself at the running "cuss" joke.

But I'm not 100% on board the Wes Anderson train. I wish he'd just make animated films from now on. MOONLIGHT KINGDOM, which was adorable and twee, would have been vastly improved if all the little kids had been squirrels... (although I'd hate to lose Bruce Willis from that movie... he can do no wrong in my eyes... I've adored him since his David Addison days).

I don't get the TENENBAUM love. And it doesn't matter that Bill Murray is up there on the list with Bruce Willis, I definitely didn't love THE LIFE AQUATIC.

That being said, I'd be willing to give it another shot in this case. Because, as the producers' name implies "OUTDOOR MOVIES GOOD." Outdoor movies are ALWAYS good. And when they take place at the Brown-Foreman Amphitheater, one of the prettiest venues in the city, they're even better.

Right now the website redirects to their Facebook page. But all the info is on the poster I photographed at Java on Bardstown Road.  It's Thursday, September 13, at the Brown-Forman Amphitheater. Gates are at 630p and the show starts around 8p.

Bring a blanket or a chair. Not outside food or beverages (bummer that).

Take advantage of these fading summer nights!

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