Thursday, February 3, 2011

Save the Date: Feb 25-- Young Survivors Auction

In early January, I asked my readers to consider donating to my favorite local charity-- the Young Survivors Network.  

Only 5% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer are under the age of 35.  So understandably, most local support organizations for breast cancer survivors cater to women more advanced in years.

The Young Survivors cater their groups and activities to women who were diagnosed at age 35 or younger.  This is their major fundraiser of the year.  The BEST thing about this fundraiser is that you know that ALL of the money raised goes to support women in Louisville and in Southern Indiana.  It doesn't get lumped into a big national pool.

The Young Survivors were a huge support to me when I was first diagnosed and during my treatment.  I no longer take part in events, but I feel passionately about giving back to this organization that helped me so much.

The auction is always fun, sophisticated, and populated by exciting, inspiring women.  And, unlike 90% of the silent auctions I attend, I usually walk away from this one with some pretty good deals!  It's $10 per person in the beautiful Frazier Museum.

Save the date.

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