Friday, December 17, 2010

Did Anyone Ask if YOU Want an NBA Team? (Try NHL!)

So there's an editorial in today's CJ about the city's plans to woo the NBA.  Again. (As @eekshecried said on Twitter, "They've been pouring money into this question for years.  It's the city's second-favorite hobby after drinking.") And my first reaction is to generally shrug and say, "Whatev."

Right?  I'm SO not a fan of the NBA (except for my boyfriend "Big Baby" on the Celtics.  I loves me some Big Baby.).  Could not care less about the NBA. I'd go so far as to say that I WOULDN'T go to an NBA game at the Whale... but that would probably be a lie.  As I told someone early this week as we entered the Kalightoscope exhibit, "My mama always said that I'd go to a pig calling if someone invited me." (And come on people, that's hardly a stretch.  A pig calling would be FUN!)  (More fun than the Kalightoscope maybe?)  (I'd like to take this opportunity to mention the fact that my Meatspace Workplace's firewall BLOCKs that Kalightoscope website-- rightly or wrongly-- because of the amount of advertising on it.  Hm.)

Anyway, so first reaction to NBA news: "Whatev."

But after thinking about it, I'm a little steamed.

Here's why:  Did anyone bother to ask us?

Did anyone bother to poll Louisvillagers and say, "How'd you like an NBA team?"

Because if they had polled ME, I would have said, "Nope.  No thanks.  Use that money elsewhere.  Or hey.... waitaminnit... how's about an NHL team!  Now THAT I'd love!"

Because who doesn't love hockey, right?  (Ok, sure, some of you.  Most of you who claim NOT to love hockey have probably never seen a game.)  Earlier this year, I tried to get Louisville Slugger Field on board with the whole hockey thing.  Remember?  Got no response at all.  (I've batted zero-- pun intended-- with the media folks at Slugger.  They NEVER return emails from me.  And I'm such a big Bats fan.  If any of y'all can pull any strings...)

But this is actually a really good idea for the YUM center.  And if not NHL, what about a smaller league?  Louisville actually had a hockey team from the 40's til the 00's.  The Blades, the Shooting Stars, the Icehawks, the Rebels, the Riverfrogs, and the Panthers.  Most of the teams played out at the Fairgrounds, but a couple of them played at the Louisville Gardens.

Anyway, out of curiosity, I did a VERY informal poll on Twitter.  And a couple Tweeties were good with the NBA, but the vast majority of people who bothered to respond to my tweet were overwhelmingly in favor of the NHL.  Overwhelmingly.  In fact, most responses included the words "HELL YEAH!"  (We're a profane group, us hockey fans).

So seriously, Louisville.  Give me that $89K, I've just done your feasibility study for you.  Most people have responded to the NBA idea with a giant thudding "Meh."  But the idea of the NHL gets people psyched.  And people who aren't psyched have probably never watched hockey.  Start the season out with cheapo tickets, and people will check it out for curiosity.  One game and they're hooked, I betcha.

Seriously.  I'm brilliant.  Right?  Right.  Louisvillagers Powers Activate!

(Those words... I do not think they mean what I think they mean.)

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Youradvicehere said...

All attempts at hockey in this town have failed miserably. I don't care about either, but if forced to choose would take the NBA.