Monday, June 7, 2010

4th Street Art Festival This Weekend

For the most part, a night at 4th Street Live is like spending a night bar-hopping in an airport concourse with the "Girls Gone Wild" crew.  But this weekend, 4th Street is hosting an event that I'm sorry I will have to miss.  The Downtown Louisville Art Festival will feature over 150 artists on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm.  I'm always up for a good, juried art festival.  This one features artists from around the country, but I sure hope we have a good local showing.  The website promises that this will be an annual event.

And the early end time for the event assures the artists that no (or few) of the usual patrons will tip their Irish Car Bombs or Long Island Iced Teas into their hand-crafted pottery fountains or besmirch their watercolors with Midori Sours.  At least we hope.

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