Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood Dragon King's Daughter!

Good food. Hot sake. Open late. Less than two blocks from my house. To say that I am pleased is an understatement.

Last week, Roommate and I finally got around to trying out the new Dragon King's Daughter, owned by the Maido folks and located in the former Karma Cafe. I can't tell you how nice it is to have a new restaurant option besides pub food that is open past 10p on this slab of Bardstown/Baxter.

Roommate's eyes were bigger than his stomach-- he wanted to order three entrees for the two of us-- but I reined him in, and we ordered a beef taco entree and the sashimi pizza. Both were good and reasonably priced. That being said, we both loved the taco (which our waiter served, unbidden, with their ginger dressing which made it even better), but we both had the same reaction to the much-lauded sashimi pizza. The sashimi is lovely and fresh and good, but the flatbread it was served on was too thick for my liking. When I want sushi/sashimi, I want something light and healthy-feeling. All that bread felt heavy to us, and we ended up eating the fish and veggies off the top of most of the crust. A cracker crust may have made the difference.

I can't say enough nice things about the staff. Our waiter was friendly and thoughtful and committed.

If I'm making a wishlist for Dragon King's Daughter, here's what's on it:
(1) Put your awesome sashimi pizza on a thinner crust
(2) Adopt Maido's brillant and unbeatable Happy Hour specials.
(3) Delivery??? Please, please, please!!

DKD's menu features appetizers, soups, salads, pizza (all Japanese inspired), tacos (likewise a Japanese fusion menu), and a few sushi rolls. They're open from 11a-midnight every day.

Love them!


Anonymous said...

loueyville you must begin to read LouisvilleHotBytes DOT com. Thirteen of us had lunch at DKD on Monday. It was my third visit. I left stuffed of course because the food is so great. I posted pictures from our lunch on LHB and did some twitpics during that you can find I bet on Digitallouisville. kycoffeeguy

Anonymous said...

Delivery!? It's two blocks away. Delivery for others, sure.

-- roommate