Sunday, November 30, 2008

Doesn't "Courier" Imply Some Kind of Speed or Reliability?

Pardon me for venting, but the Courier Journal website is really, truly, abominable (as is the CJ itself, but that's neither here nor there for this discussion). How is it that the CJ always manages to have the local sports scores and results updated with ambitious regularlity, but the headline news barely changes all day long???

Like, how is it that we know that WKU whupped UofL's buns in basketball a few hours ago, but we don't know that Senator Julie Denton's kid was killed in a car wreck this morning?? I'm not saying that that's news I NEED to have pronto. I'm not even saying that it's Big News, although my heart goes out to Senator Denton.

But how is it that I was able to find this out from the Page One blog and not on the website of the sole major news daily in town? I'm glad that Jake and Rick from Page One and the Ville Voice are filling a niche, but how sad is it that this niche is SO YAWNINGLY EMPTY! Shouldn't we have dozens of local news options on the interwebs? Isn't this the 21st Century?

Man, Mama is cranky tonight.

Again, priorities??? Sports scores or real news? And sincerest sympathies to Senator Denton and her family.


Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, Lou. CJ, LEO, Velocity (CJ redux)... somebody in this city has to come up with a REAL option for thought, features, local coverage. LEO is a blog on printed paper (and a weak blog on paper at that), CJ is a whipping boy to suits who get decisions from who-knows-where... ugh. I can't go on.

M said...

Thanks Anonymous! I hear ya, my friend. I'm kind of addicted to the Kentucky Blogosphere these days. Page One, Ville Voice, and for local arts and leisure Consuming Louisville. They're informative and current. But they're blogs (and so am I). We're the home of Diane Sawyer, Bob Edwards, and Hunter S. Thompson-- you'd think we'd have better journalism in town, eh?