Monday, December 10, 2007

Loueyville = Safe!

I know I'm coming from a very different perspective than most Loueyvillagers, but I've never been able to keep myself from snorting and snickering a bit any time I hear people talk about how "X neighborhood in Loueyville isn't safe" or "the rise in crime is making me scared."  Safe?  Seriously?  "I feel unsafe walking in downtown after dark because of all the scary panhandlers."  Really?  C'mon, you're kidding right?  "The gang problem in Loueyville is UN-real."  Yeah, unreal.  Like un-real-bad.  You'd think we lived in Compton!  (I'm dating myself.  I think I've heard that Compton is actually quite safe now).

Lou is going to stop mocking Loueyvillagers sense of what's "not safe" right now for fear of jinxing herself.  It would be just her luck to walk out of work in her VERY SAFE neighborhood and get mowed down in a drive-by.

But at least now we have proof that Louisville is indeed safe.  The 8th safest city of over 500,000 people.  We should make a bigger deal out of it.  I think it's interesting to note that most of the top 10 cities are located in places where the weather is so nice that people have better things to do than behave like criminals:  Honolulu is #1.  Duh.  If you live in Honolulu, why risk going to jail where you have to be inside all the time?  San Jose, CA; San Diego, CA; San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX.  I'd rather live in Alaska than ever live in California or Texas, but I have to admit that if I HAD to live in CA or TX, those would be the four cities I'd move to (under duress).  Fort Worth... not so much.

Anyway #8.  Right on, Loueyville!!

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ceVec said...

My boyfriend always laughs when people say that, too: He just moved back here last year (after growing up in the area) from Phoenix, which had two serial killers on the loose in recent years.

Nice blog, btw!

Anonymous said...

Well it ain't no Detroit and thank god for that. However, violent crime has been increasing in Louisville and while it still doesn't "measure up" to some big cities that doesn't mean there aren't places you really shouldn't be walking around at night.

Go take your "ain't skeered" attitude to the west end and walk around all by your lonesome.

M said...

I agree! But I'd say anyone who lives in even a wee little hamlet with even a modicum of a poverty problem who walks around late at night alone with an "ain't skeered" attitude is a damned fool. But that's not a Loueyville thing. That's just a street smart thing.

Thanks for your comment!