Sunday, March 1, 2009

Out Of Office (ps don't believe what you're hearing about Kaelin's)

Hi, thanks for calling. You've reached Lou. But I'm out of the office until March 6 or 7 or so, depending on how the chaos shakes out. I'm super glad you called, and I promise I'll get back to you just as soon as humanly possible. Have a lovely, lovely day.

Mama's on the move in more ways than one.

Here's the skinny, Loueyvillagers:
  • In her "Other Life," Lou may or may not be some sort of education-related professional who may or may not be taking a group of earnest teens down to an area effected by a natural disaster that was not Hurricane Ike so that they can help that area recover by helping to build houses and spending loads of money on beignets and shit from Urban Outfitters. So Lou will be out of town this week.
  • Speaking of natural disasters, Lou's Ike-destroyed humble abode is now done except for the fancy touches. Good news: When Lou gets home from her trip, she will be HOME. Bad news: Roommate is saddled with the move-back-in. Coming soon, "Things I will miss and won't miss about living in a hotel."

So to tide you over til Lou returns, here are some thoughts for the coming week:

  • Rick Pitino should always wear a white suit. Always. Even to practice. And he should carry a cane.
  • Ramsi's Sunday Brunch? SUB-LIME. Seriously, I wish I was a chipmunk so I could have shoved some of that goodness in my cheeks to snack on later. I used to have a love affair with lox, then we broke up. We're back together now. (and that's about as exciting as my love life has been in years... sigh) And $3 mimosas? Yes. Please.
  • Young Survivors Fundraiser? No word yet on how much was raised, but I dropped close to $200 on stuff I didn't really need but really wanted anyway. And happily did so.
  • It's March. Let the madness ensue.
  • It's March. Can we please have spring now, please?
  • UPDATE: Forgot to tell y'all that Kaelin's-- home of the original cheeseburger (and my favorite local fried chicken)-- is closed for renovations! We went last night-- on their last night-- and were surprised to find that they're going to be shut down for a few months. They'll be back in the spring, said the waitress and the host. Local blogs are posting that they're closed forever-- that would be news to their employees (and to the signs posted all over the restaurant that say they're closing for renovations... sheesh, interwebs, calm down.)

Take care, all y'all. Likely next time I blog it will be from the rebuilt Chez Lou. Home sweet home.


Anonymous said...

Do you still think Kaelin's is going to reopen? Everything I've read has basically said that they don't want to close, but they have to. Looks like they need a new investor or a buyer to take over.

M said...

Gosh, Scott. I know that the evidence is piling up to the contrary, but I'll still pull a Mulder and say, "I want to believe." Seriously? The birthplace of the cheeseburger closing? Can't somebody in the Historic Preservation sector do something about it?