Thursday, September 6, 2012

Purses for a Purpose on September 12

Remember my kick-ass friend Christine of the Cyclocross?  (I know it doesn't need to be capitalized, but it kind of makes her sound like a saint... which is cool because she really is an awesome woman.)

Her day job is to work for Apple Patch, a non-profit that works with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It's an amazing organization, and Christine does such good work for them.

On September 12, Apple Patch will be hosting a big fundraiser for their Halloween Party at Dee's on Shelbyville Road from 5p-8p. It's a sale of new and gently-used purses, and the event is called "Purses with a Purpose."

Christine said that last year she got some swanky designer purses for dirt cheap, and truth be told, purses are one of my more girly passions, so I plan on being there.

In the meantime, do you have some gently used purses OR accessories (they feature more than just purses!) that are just collecting dust in your drawers and closets? You can drop those off at Dee's during business hours or at Apple Patch from 9am-5pm and know that you're supporting a good cause (and giving us bargain hunters a chance to spice up our wardrobes).

Christine is so wonderful that she has even offered to pick up your donations. Her work email is cvaughan (at) applepatch (.) com, and her work phone is 502.657.0103. (But obviously, if you can get them to Dee's or to Apple Patch, that's more helpful to her.)

Hope to see you there. And hope you lay off any Fossil purses-- I'm calling dibs now.

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